Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mystery Team: A Review

     Mystery Team is available on Netflix Watch Instantly.  It's a must see for die hard comedy fans, especially those with mild to severe Donald Glover and Aubrey Plaza envy.  According to IMDb, it was only shown on one screen in August of 2009- so, a limited release.  Watch the trailer here: Mystery Team Trailer
     I really enjoyed the movie.  It was funny all the way through.  I watched it on my phone while riding a bus, so there is a chance I missed some of the finer points but I'm pretty good at paying attention, so I doubt it.
     I've started the supporting paragraphs of this review several times, and they come out horribly.  So, a list of what I liked about Mystery Men:
  • I adore earnest characters.
  • Their primary color bikes.
  • A through line.
  • Motivation.
  • An inciting incident.
  • He comes of age.
  • A U-M shout out.
  • Kevin Brown.
  • Donald Glover's disguises.
  • Good clean jokes.
  • Awesome dirty jokes.
  • The cinematography- the camera kept moving creating a great sense of fluidity and mystery!
 I'll have to give this movie another look, this time while I'll sitting still and on a larger screen, and perhaps write a more nuanced review.  It's definitely worth the rewatch.

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