Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cool On The Outside

I have some pretty awesome things coming up, and I'm doing my best to maintain a cool, calm exterior.

My improv class showcase is on Sunday.  Secretly (whoops, not any more), I want everyone to show up.  I say "oh yeah, it's just a little thing the classes do" but I mean "you gotta come, please please please.  Come on!"

I'm transitioning to the next level of classes, and I'm excited about that too.  Since class is on Wednesday nights, Thursday mornings can be a real challenge for me.  I'm tempted to introduce characters at work.  I practice accents while reading memos out loud.  I want to play "same line, different reaction" with my boss, but without his knowledge.
Nancy, did you get the email I just sent?
I don't know John, why don't you go fuck yourself, and when the email makes it to my computer from space, I'll let you know. 
I doubt I could convince him to ask me again though, so I could react differently.  

But I'm loving the involvement with the theater and the company.  There's a contrast between the excitement of improv and the dullness of the office  that is a kin to Jekyll and Hyde.   I must maintain my cool exterior, but on the inside, I'm yelling out seven things I wouldn't use at my desk and making up Beastie Boys songs about my coworkers.
Let me tell you a story about a girl named Leah
Who sits at her desk with a big idea
For lunch she warms up a cold tortilla
She knows the capital of North Korea
The thing I'm over the moon excited for is frequent trips to New York City for sketch classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.  I've been trying to keep this to myself, to prevent the naysayers from coming out of the woodwork and commenting on how exhausting bus trips are.  Yeah, I know.  But it's totally worth it and it'll change my life.  Because it's UCB and it's NYC and this is about more than just being bored on the weekends and really liking smelly buses.  I've simply been skillfully avoiding too many plans on weekends, until really pressed, and I say "I'll be in New York."  For what?  Awesomeness, that's what.

My calendar is filling up, and I'm really excited about it, but I don't want to blow my cover.  Instead I'm going to maintain this creepy perma-grin I have going on to balance out my exploding interior and my cool exterior.  Yeah.

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