Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise Full Of Lies

     The something awesome depicted on Thursday's chart of awesomeness was a friend flying into town for another friend's surprise birthday party.  The whole surprise birthday extravaganza was surrounded in lies and subterfuge.   Luckily I have a very small guilt-center in my brain, or I might not have been able to pull it off.  I invented work projects, doctor's appointments,  and new dietary restrictions to work around plans she was attempting to make that would directly conflict with the surprises we had planned. 
     Several times throughout the day I received texts begging me to meet her at whatever bar she had stumbled into.  Luckily I have a day job, so I continued to use that as an excuse.  I was, in fact, not at my job.  I was picking up people from the airport, baking cakes, matching T-shirts, and corralling people.  That didn't stop me from replying with "Stuck at work,"  "So busy," and "I'll meet up with you later."  I was pretty sure she was actually getting pretty pissed off. 
     She was, but all of the anger vanished when she came in the bar and all of her friends were gathered to celebrate her.  Sure, it was St. Patrick's Day, but we were there for her, with beer, appetizers, and cake.  It was fantastic.
     The entire weekend was pretty damn awesome.  Friday she planned to go to the zoo.  Our framily from Norfolk drove up, unbeknownst to the birthday girl.  Again, there were more lies.  We were doing our best to coordinate with the arrival of the framily, so I had to be a little bit of a lazy pants when it game to meeting birthday girl at the zoo.  She kept updating me with the status of the lions, and I had to lay it on pretty thick about how I needed to eat breakfast first, how slow I was walking, and how I was lost in the zoo.   By this point, she had to think I was an idiot.
     I found her at the zoo, and then nonchalantly said "I ran into these people," to reveal the framily.  Operation After Shock was a success.  The rest of the weekend was a pretty perfect framily weekend, and we had to own up to every lie we told, starting about 2 months ago.  Including the fact that we all knew about this party the last time we were all together for President's Day, and it's amazing we didn't eff it up then. 
     It was a great weekend- an I Heart Weekends kind of weekend.  And hopefully she forgives us for all the lying.  Surprise!  We're all liars!

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