Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Decorations

    Last year, I had a little tree with a string of blue lights, popcorn, and cranberries on it.  It was lovely.  I probably had a picture of if somewhere, but the sweet computer death took care of that.  So far this year, my only decorations are the wrappers from the candy in my candy dish.
     The problem with Christmas decorations is that when it's not Christmas, I don't have any where to store the decorations.  I'm sure cool people hand their twinkle lights up all year long, but I am not that cool.  I would guess that the lights from last year's tree are somewhere in DC, hidden in a cabinet in the apartment.
     I've been debating on getting a tree this year.  There is a tree selling place on the corner; they have very small tree tops for sale.  I doubt it would be very intrusive to the humble living arrangement we have worked out here.  I've even imagined hanging up little stockings next to it and putting candy in those stockings.  It would almost be like a real Christmas.  Not that I'm looking for a real Christmas--I prefer my Christmas like the good little pagan I am: fake, with alcohol. And some sort of ice cream log.
     The problem of apartment decorating is still the issue here.  There is just no place to store the decorations.  I have two adorable Winnie the Pooh tree ornaments, and I end up looking at them all year long.  I threw the tree stand from last year away.  It might seem rather Ebenezer of me to prioritize storage space over holiday joy, but bah humbug, I need room for my damn DVDs.
     Clearly, Ted on How I Met Your Mother has tons of damn space for his Christmas decorations.  And as much as I'm over giving a shit about who the mother is, I really really liked this scene from their Christmas episode.  Except I would be annoyed if I had to sit on lights.

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