Friday, December 30, 2011

The Penultimate Day

     It's the penultimate day!  It's the penultimate day!  The day before the last day sounds more exciting when I say it that way.  Otherwise, today has no great significance.  Especially in Samoa where they actually skipped today.  They were sick of their precarious position on the International Date Line and decided to just switch over.  I applaud their boldness.  The prime minister just said "hey, we're going to sound an alarm at midnight.  You should all adjust your calendars."  Cool.  
     A lot of people (news organizations, folks in charge of "year in review lists") have claimed 2011 has been a pretty shit year.  Perhaps it's because there were no Olympics this year.  I know for me, a year without Olympics is a year without joy.  2012 is bound to be better--we have the Olympics, and the world is supposed to end!  Either it will end so we won't have much to worry about anymore, or it won't end and we'll think we've been given a new lease on life!  That's hopeful any way you slice it.  
     Happy Penultimate Day of the Year.   Also, Happy New Year!  Here's to 2012--it'll be our year!

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