Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree Lighting. A Review.

     Hell.  It was complete Hell.  I had a few very real panic moments where I was sure I would be crushed or suffocated to death.  People attempted to defy laws of physics by occupying the same space other people were already standing. There was a constant pushing force that was holding people up so very few of use were actually standing on our own legs.  We were being held up by the force of those around us.  My feet were an interesting shade of numb between the coldness and the trampling.
     It was really hard to figure out where to go.  I tried to get there plenty early, though I knew I didn't get there early enough.  The roads were blocked off and there were corrals made of fencing on the sidewalks.  Police officers wit bullhorns kept yelling for everyone to keep moving.  But where were we supposed to move to?  I passed the tree about three times, catching a glimpse each time, until eventually I just ended up in a giant mass of people.  There was nowhere to go.  It was 6 o'clock and I was intimately sandwiched among 10,000 strangers. 
     And people are bitches.  The bitch behind me completely ruined the entire experience for me because she wouldn't shut the hell up.  We couldn't see much at all, and hearing was tough.  What made the situation worse was her constant commentary about how we couldn't see much and hearing was tough.  You know what would make it easier to hear?  If you'd shut up!  I would have really liked to hear Carole King sing, but this twat didn't know who it was so instead talked over the performance.  She talked over every performance, even those she claimed to like.  I ended up learning way too much about her life.  She even ruined a potentially really sweet moment we had--someone started singing "Santa Clause is coming to town" and nearly the entire section joined in.  Then Bitchy McBitcherson commented "Elf, anyone?"  We all know it was an Elf moment.  But it was also a really nice moment where a bunch of strangers in one of the most uncomfortable positions joined together in a moment of song.  Way to ruin it by being yourself.
     I maintain the standing there experience was pure and utter Hell.  But the tree is really pretty.  I'll go back soon to see it lit up from an angle I couldn't see it before.  And by that I mean any angle where I can see more than the left side branch through a window.

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