Monday, December 19, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast

     One of the best parts of being an adult is that really, you can have whatever you want for breakfast.  When we're adults, our pallets have usually become some sort of sophisticated and we want things like eggs benedict, egg white omelets with rosemary, and bacon casseroles.  And sure, I like those things too.  But sometimes, I actually want ice cream for breakfast.  Ice cream is traditionally a dessert, so it seems prudent to at least have a bowl of corn flakes first.
     A shameful secret from my childhood is that I used to have ice cream for breakfast a lot.  There was nobody around in the morning to tell me not to have it, and really what was the main difference between pop-tarts and fudgecicles anyway?  If anything, the fudgecicle was better because it came on a stick.  So rather than having a real breakfast I would grab a fudgecicle from the freezer and lick it down to its stick on my walk to the bus stop.  I didn't just do this once or twice either.  I would usually have a fudgecicle for breakfast about once or twice a week, for years.
     Often, by about 2nd or 3rd period, I would feel pretty ill.  It seemed obvious to everyone else--having ice cream for breakfast will make you ill.  I didn't get it though.  I had ice cream for breakfast all the time.  Ice cream was mostly good for you, like Pop Tarts or Lucky Charms.  Or Chocolate Cake.  That brings me to my next point:


Having grown up on the comedy stylings of Bill Cosby, it seemed perfectly logical to me to have Chocolate Cake for breakfast.  My parents also went along with Bill Cosby's logic.  "Mom, can I have cake and ice cream for breakfast?"  "Well, Bill Cosby gives it to his kids, and he's a national treasure, so yes."
     So even though I might end up feeling a little ill before lunch time, sometimes I still have ice cream for breakfast.  After all, it's mostly milk, and milk does a body good.

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