Monday, December 12, 2011

Community Sized Hole

     It takes a  lot of hard work and dedication to watch seasons of TV is just a few days, but it's hard work and dedication I'm willing to put in.  After Thursday's pitch perfect episode of Community, I immediately started missing it.  It's on hiatus and its return date is still unknown.  It left a Community sized hole in my heart and soul.
     Hulu to the rescue.  Hulu Plus, to be exact.  Unlike Google +, Hulu Plus is actually useful and awesome.  (I'm just kidding, Google +.  Please don't take Oliver away.)  Hulu Plus has all 59 episodes available.  I was able to spend my weekend with Community and start healing that fresh wound.
     Upon rewatching the pilot, I actually remember the moment when watching it the first time that I decided I loved the show.  It was toward the end of the episode--Jeff walks by the school and Pierce is standing outside.  Pierce says to Jeff "You remind me of myself at your age."  Jeff retorts with "I deserve that."  With that, the weird little show worked its way into my heart and soul and just about every other part of me it could fit.
     Full disclosure:  I only made it through the first season this past weekend.  If I put my mind to it, I should be able to get through season two and the first half of season three this week.  And then when their return date is announced, I'll have to do it all again.
    It's good to revisit the older episodes.  I had forgotten how and when Troy got his monkey.  SPOILER ALERT--it's the episode where they run the chicken finger ring.  Also, it's a great show to watch over and over just because of how damn good it is.  I realize this word gets thrown around a lot, but this time I mean it--Dan Harmon is a genius.  The show is intricate; there are details and layers that are oft best appreciated upon subsequent viewings.  The jokes are coming at ya fast a furiously!
     Also, I love Troy.  NBC has put together this video to help showcase why he's so damn lovable:

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