Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boring Begets Boring

     I know a few boring facts.  I'm aware they're boring, so I just sprinkle them in every once in a while.  Usually the response is something along the lines of "sure, whatever" and then we move on.  Sometimes though, I make the mistake of sharing this boring fact with someone who actually finds it fascinating and knows even more boring facts about the subject.
     A few weeks ago I mentioned to Mary there were cement trucks outside my window.  I said something about Archimedes' principle.  She responded appropriately with "uh huh.  So the new Harry Potter comes out soon."  But then I made the mistake of telling someone else about the cement trucks.  The fact that I knew this one thing about cement trucks meant to him that I must be thirsting for knowledge about cement.  Ugh.
     All of a sudden I heard "blah blah blah continuous pour, which means blah blah sssrrreeeeeeeeettttcccccchhhhh Donald Trump's book."  What?  Luckily I knew better than to actually ask that audibly, because he would have repeated himself, which is not what I mean by what.  I think you know what I mean.
     It has taught me a valuable lesson to keep my boring facts to myself.  Or at least to only unleash them on people I know; people who will not pile on even more boring facts on top.  Also, there are a bunch of cement trucks outside my window again.  I really hope that guy was done with his cement knowledge.

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