Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zebras Make Noise

     Zoos are weird to me. I've ended up at zoos way more than I ever would if it were solely up to me. My first thought is usually "eww, animals in cages." Of course no zoo actually keeps their animals in cages. They build habitats for each of them that supposedly keep them very comfortable. But still, sometimes it seems odd. We're in the mid-Atlantic and short of building a bio-dome, there's only so much you can do to make the animals feel at home. So when it's 90million degrees outside with 10,000% humidity, the animals don't like to do much. Oh look, three cheetahs lying in the grass! Not moving! Fantastic!
     Next to the cheetahs are the zebras.   Sure, why not.  At first, there were just three zebras standing around, looking like striped horses, chewing on some grass.  And then a kerfuffle, and then they made some noises and ran around a bit.  I've never thought about the noise a zebra would make.  Had I been forced to guess, I would not have guessed correctly. 
     My zebra video:
Also, that was the most movement from any animal at all that day. 

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