Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oppresive Weather

     The weather man is using the O word again.  It's gross.  I'm not really cut out for this.  It's so fucking hot, I started saying it was hote.  And then the news radio anchor man was telling us about how we shouldn't use our air conditioning because if we all use it, we'll use up all the power.  He was actually pretty reasonable about it, but initially I was upset about it.  He was going on about how we should conserve power as I was lying in my air conditioned bedroom.  I had the lights off though, so I think I made up for it.
     With the heat index, it's supposed to feel like 115 by Friday.  Why did I move to Venus?  I will be doing many indoor activities from now on.  Probably until about September.  Then I'll go outside for about a week, and then I'll stay in because it'll be too cold.  Ah. 
     It's so fucking hot.  It's hote. 

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