Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Perfect Pairings

     Food and drink just go together.  They do.  It's wonderful to find a beverage that goes so well with your meal.  Julia Childs was a master of insisting wine was just part of the meal.  Most beverages that are crafted can pair perfectly with food.  Wine, beer, and coffee for example.  An earthy coffee with something savory is an amazing oft neglected treat.
     I like to pair beverages with candy.  Some pairings work better than others.  Last night, I enjoyed Reese's Pieces with a Pinot Noir.  Let me tell you, the candy shell and peanut butter really brought out the bouquet and clean palette of the Pinot Noir.  And I wasn't convinced at first it was actually a good idea.  I only mixed them because I wanted those two things at that time.  It worked out just fine and I think all my dreams were perfectly normal.
     I'm quite certain that a lot of chocolate goes really well with dry red wines.  That's just common sense.  Dark chocolate M&Ms and a Shiraz would be a perfectly normal pairing.  For white wines, I would guess you'd want to go with fruitier candy- a Starburst or a Skittle, perhaps.  I would go so far as to say a Twizzler or a Red Vine.  And it may be unconventional, but some Black Licorice and Chardonnay just might knock it out of the park.  Or it could be terrible.
     I do not recommend pairing any peppermint candy with any wine.  I haven't actually tried it myself, but just imagining swirling tannins around after a bite of York Peppermint Patty initiates my gag reflex.  It's probably not good and not salvageable.
     I could really for a peppermint patty right now.   

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