Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mountain Goats: My New Boyfriends.

     I'm late to this party, but at least I can still get in on it.  A co-worker of mine had actually given me Tallahassee a while ago- could be about two years ago by now.  I think I listened once and I forgot about it.  That might have been the biggest music mistake I've ever made.
     I remembered their name; I claimed I knew who they were if it ever came up.  I was exploring Spotify the other day and came across The Mountain Goats again.  I added them to a playlist.  Then I just kept listening to their three songs over and over.  I then expanded and created a Mountain Goats playlist, with all of their albums on it.  I'm in love with this.  How did I let it go by me?  I feel a fool.
     The song that first hooked me was No Children:

Then, This Year:

(There's also a video for that song you can find on YouTube. It's cool. Check it out.)

And then, the rest of their catalog. For bringing all of The Mountain Goats into my life, I am thankful to Spotify, and I suppose begrudgingly, I'm thankful to Drew, who apparently knew me better than I knew myself.


  1. Drew? Starbucks Drew? That's like me enjoying Stars thanks to David Redfern!

  2. Yes and yes. Drewster and Dredferrrrn.