Monday, November 29, 2010

The Framily You Choose

     My Thanksgiving is spent with my framily, and we call it Drunkfest.  I'm not making typos here- my framily are the friends who are family.  And Drunkfest is just a more accurate representation of the extravaganza we put on for the holiday.  Ours doesn't just last one day, we put on an entire four day weekend.
     The food is always awesome, and it never stops.  Four days of constant food and drink.  To be respectable, we hold off on drinking until at least 10AM.  Unless it's a breakfast cocktail, like a mimosa, or an Irish coffee, or wine.  That gives us a solid three hours to line our stomachs with enough solids to start absorbing the alcohol.  
     We mix things up a little bit every year, food wise.  There are a few staples: Tom's rolls, Dani's pies, jellied cranberry sauce from a can.  We vary our turkey from year to year.  This year it was deep fried, and it was awesome.  The sides from sidesapalooza were a big hit, further proving the P7 rule.  And the dessert!  Oh, the dessert.
     There are always games, and they usually devolve into ridiculousness where teams don't matter and people just yell out the first word that comes to their minds, regardless of the question or game being played.  It's really hard to sum up the fantasticness that is this past weekend.  Luckily, most of it is on video. 
     There are a few stereotypical Thanksgiving things we don't do: watch the parade, watch football (except maybe one college game on Saturday, but none on Thursday), or play a Turkey bowl game of our own.  I like our traditions so much better though: group sing alongs (often at the table), dance party, and the British Hat Game. 

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