Monday, November 22, 2010

Parks & Recreation: A Review

     I love it.  It's laugh out loud funny.  The pretty consistent critique is that season one was, well, not great, but season two really knocked it out of the park.  The problem here is that with a lackluster season one, people were not willing to give it another chance.  However, season two is nothing short of brilliant.  So much so, that a rewatch of season one will heighten the experience.  Season one was essentially a six episode foundation built for brilliant character development.  You can certainly enjoy season two without having seen season one.  At the same time, I think you'll appreciate season one even more after watching season two.  It may seem like a paradox, but don't think about it too much.  Just watch it.
     I wanted to post a few clips that I feel demonstrate the show's brilliance, however, all that are available are full episodes.  So, go forth, and watch the full episodes.  They're available on, and Netflix Watch Instantly, on DVD on Tuesday, and some on Hulu.  Or I could act them out for you, though I don't possess the pitch perfect timing of Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza.  Really, the entire cast is pitch perfect. 
     My favorite episode of season two is Episode 10, "Hunting."  There are several layers of brilliance in this one, from a full understanding of the mid-western hunting culture, to the genius list of excuses one might use when covering up an accidental shooting.  I may have already given too much away.  Watch it, thank me later.  Claiming one episode as my favorite may imply a degraded affection for the others.  This is not true.  I love them all, and this review is quickly devolving into a giant love fest.
     I've made my way through season two several times: first when it originally aired on TV, then again on Hulu, twice through so far on Netflix Watch Instantly, and the DVDs will be shipped to me when released on Tuesday.  (The holiday will delay their arrival.  I'm handling it.)  It's a desert island series to me, and by golly, I'll be laughing out loud on that desert island.  
     Season three has been in the proverbial can for a while now, and finally it's coming back on the air in January.  I will not be available for phone calls on Thursday nights.

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