Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Didn't Make The Cut

     Piggybacking on yesterday's post, and reflecting on September 18th's post, My Favorite Season, I wanted to talk about what just didn't make the cut for my fall viewing schedule.  As I mentioned, I watch all comedy pilots.  This short list is actually just those shows that were new this year that I will not be watching for the remainder of the season.

Mike & Molly.  It's bad.  It's not funny.  The premise is awful.  I actually watched several episodes of this, mostly out of boredom and disbelief.  Fat joke after fat joke.  The one joke that was actually funny didn't have anything to do with being fat.  It would be nice if the show could be about these nice people who happen to be fat, rather than just being about fat, and maybe there are people under the fat.  And I'm not offended as a fat person, I'm offended as a comedian.  More so than that, I'm offended as a person with a brain.  It's drivel, and it got picked up for an entire season.  This means other people are watching it, more than they are watching good shows that deserve whole seasons.  This makes me sad for our country.  The perpetuation of this show, this brand of humor, and Chuck Lorre productions are giant shining examples of what is wrong with our country.  Laugh at the fat kid, because he's fat, and he can laugh at himself, isn't that funny, ha-ha, it was funny when we were seven so it's still funny now because we never learn a god damn thing.
     Melissa McCarthy is awesome.  I don't know her as a person, but in the roles I've seen her play there is a sweetness to her.  She makes good characters.  Her character isn't all that bad in this show.  But the show is bad, so it reflects poorly on her.  Just like putting prime rib inside of a shit-stew would reflect poorly on the prime rib; and the prime rib would still taste like shit.
     To revamp the show, I say we 1. Take it away from Chuck Lorre. 2. Change its title.  Perhaps to just "Molly."  Yes, that is a hint. 3.  Make Mike a background player.  Maybe he's around, maybe she meets him at her OA meetings, but the premise of the show is that two fat people meet and fall in love.  That's already given away in the freaking title and theme jingle.  Where is there left to go?  Nowhere.  Or, apparently, shitsville.  4.  Focus on Molly and her mother, and to a lesser extent her sister.  Swoosie Kutz deserves to always be working, and her talent is wasted as a supporting character.  Well, her talent is wasted on this steaming pile in general.  Anyway: focus on Molly and make it not be about her being fat.  Just let her be that.  It'll be ok.  We don't always have to make jokes about peoples physical appearance all of the time.  5.  Cancel It.

Better With You. I had high hopes for this because it was created by Shana Goldberg-Meehan.  She was a big part of Friends, producing it or something, and she is also Gary David Goldberg's daughter; he created Family Ties.  I suppose this show proves that 1. past success doesn't guarantee future success, and 2. talented parents don't necessarily beget talented children.  It's not very funny and it's boring.  When watching comedy, I prefer it to be funny.  Drifting off to sleep during a 30 minute comedy is a bad sign.  Everything is so predictable and so stereo-typed it becomes painful.  My best bet for a review is to just list synonyms for boring and unfunny.  This too was picked up for a full season.  The National Average IQ has just gone down 20 points.

Outsourced.  A few people called it racist.  It probably is, but that's not why I don't watch it.  I may actually watch it if it were more racist.  In the way where racism can be funny, you know?  Eh, anyway, I don't want to spend too much time thinking about this show.  I watched the pilot episode, and then half of the following weeks'.  Then I turned it off and went to bed.  It's not funny, and again, I was bored.  However, this show ALSO got picked up for a full season.  I can't understand it.

Shit My Dad Says.  What?  This is a show?  On television?  Good day to you, sir.

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