Friday, November 19, 2010


     Yep, I said it, and I don't care.  And no, it's not a typo.  The week has been long and tedious.  The impending short week and holiday have made this week even more grueling.  At the beginning of the day, Friday doesn't feel much different than the other days this week.  In fact, a co-worker said "at least it's Friday?" (emphasis on the question mark) and all I could say was "It's still the beginning."
     I don't look forward to Fridays for the sake of Friday.  It is simply what Friday represents: two days of freedom.  Well, that's overstating it- it's just the weekend.  But I love those.  This weekend's theme is preparedness.   It doesn't sound like a fun theme, but it will be.  I must be prepared for the holiday weekend, so there will be some mundane chores, like laundry and grocery shopping.  However, I must also be prepared for the massive amounts of food to be consumed, so there will be a decent amount of that too.  Plus, a few good rounds of laughter with an Improv show, the rest of Laverne&Shirley season one, and my thoughts.  I may even catch up on the news to make Thanksgiving conversation more engaging.  (I hear there was an election recently?)
     And in an unrelated, or perhaps very related, sidenote, I offer you this link to a video clip of Cougar Town.  Mmm.  Wine. 

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