Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Themes

     In order to make my life seem more fun, exciting, or purposeful, I've started theming my weekends.  To be honest, the same things are frequently accomplished on the weekend.  But when there's a theme behind it, is has more meaning.  For example, grocery shopping has to be done most every weekend, regardless of its theme, however, the theme often fuels the grocery shopping.  On "be a grown-up weekend" the shopping gets done because it's a grown up thing to do.  On "hermit weekend" the shopping gets done, but early, because having the food around helps facilitate the hermitude of the other 55 hours of the weekend. 
     This weekend's theme was "like it's my job."  The idea behind this theme was a sense of motivation and purpose.  I had to do everything like it was my job.  I arrived home on Friday night and really wanted to enjoy some pizza for dinner.  So I walked right over to the pizza shop and picked up two slices, not wavering, because I did it like it was my job.  To a casual observer, the weekend may have looked like any other.  But to me, it was meaningful, because everything was performed with a sense of purpose, because I did it like it was my job to do it. 
     I haven't decided on next weeks' theme yet.  It'll probably revolve around being awesome, and prepping for the greatest holiday ever.  More on that later. 

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