Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Hangover

     I think I'm still hungover from Thanksgiving.  I realize it's been a few days, but I am still just wiped out.  My body adapted to consuming approximately 6000 calories a day and a constant stream of coffee, alcohol, and egg nog.  Waking up on Monday was incredibly difficult.  And when I had oatmeal for breakfast I could practically hear my body yelling "Hey!  Where's the sausage?  Where's the bacon?  There's no whip cream on this!"  It growled at me.
     An hour and a half later, it growled again.  There were no exotic cheeses, crackers, chips, and vegetable slices stoking the fire.  The furnace got used to being fed constantly.  Where was its constant stimulation now?
     This went on for the remainder of the work day.  I did what I could to get back to a normal workday feeding schedule.  Finally, I was home.  And that's when my body said "What's all this moving around you're doing?  I don't like it."  And clearly, it didn't like it.  Exhaustion set in early.
     9PM isn't my normal bed time, but the Thanksgiving hangover left me no choice. 

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