Friday, November 12, 2010

I Like the Idea of Things

     Many times it's not the thing I like, It's the idea of thing I think.  The best example is musicals.  I should love musicals.  I'm head-over-heals for music, and I adore films.  Combining the two should be the best thing ever to me.  But it's not.  In fact, it's almost the opposite.  I often give them a chance based on my theory that I should like it, and I am often disappointed.  My disappointment is often coupled with what could be considered low-grade rage over the pomp and circumstance bestowed upon these musicals.
     I continue trying to watch them though, because I am stubborn and refuse to give up on the idea of liking them.  I'm listening to the Annie soundtrack today.  I think it's the one from the movie, not the one ~M recommended, but I'm streaming for free so I couldn't be overly picky.  So far I'm enjoying it, so I'm warming up to the idea of liking this musical.  I have also enjoyed the movie Hairspray- the remake, I haven't seen the original.  Was it considered a remake?  I think it may have actually been considered a film based on a Broadway show that was based on a film.  Just like Mystic Pizza: The Musical
     I also really like Hamlet 2.  I think it's brilliant and hilarious, and I really do enjoy singing along to Rock Me Sexy Jesus.  If all musicals were like this, I think I would like them.  Perhaps Hamlet 2 isn't actually considered a musical.  I'm unclear on the definition of this genre.
     There are many classics that everyone loves, and upon hearing my disdain for them, I am yet again called names and told I have no soul.  I'm not saying I wish the Nazis would've caught Julie Andrews and those annoying kids, I'm just saying maybe if they didn't sing so damn much, the Nazis wouldn't have wanted to catch them.  And seriously, you just have to pay rent, I don't care who you are.  You get no sympathy from me, and all the singing makes me want to charge you more.
     It is possible that some musicals do it right and some don't, in accordance with my sensibilities.  The idea I like, the execution of it, not so much.  I also like the idea of being in a relationship.  The execution of it, well, you guessed it: not so much. 

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