Friday, January 27, 2012

Blame In On The Rain

     The guys who wrote and performed the song that Milli Vanili lip-synced had it right--we should blame it on the rain.  Everything that could possibly go wrong has one thing at its fault--the rain.  I had frightening dreams last night.  NPR is grating on me like nails across a chalk board.  I may be a little gassy.  It's all the rain's fault.
     I have a wonderful to-do list made out for the day, but all of the things that require going outside will get wet, and therefore are not being done well.  Sure, I need eggs and avocados, but I don't need wet eggs and avocados.
     Sometimes I appreciate a rainy day.  Sometimes it's a great day to stay in and read a book and watch a melancholy movie.  Other times it's just soggy.
    Also, this song is awful.  And the video is terrible.  It'll probably get stuck in your head.  You're welcome. Don't blame me though.

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