Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Was On My Mind Today

Gloves.  These gloves:
They might not looks like much, but they're wonderful.  And tragically, I lost of them sometime between last winter and all the moving.  I kept thinking I had found the lost one but it turns out it was the original.
     They're glittens, the greatest winter gear creation of the modern era.  They're like finger-less gloves, which are always cool, except they also have the mitten component to keep your fingers warm when you're not using them.  And these glittens take the thumbs into account.  I have another pair of glittens that cover up the thumb as though opposable thumbs are not the main evolutionary reason man rules the planet.  Come on!  I need to use my thumbs even when it's cold; these glittens understand that.
     Another feature that makes these glittens superior to other glittens is their magnets.  These use magnets to hold the mitten flap back while not in use.  Buttons and snaps are a pain to deal with--they fall off and wear out.  Magnets, however, never wear out.  You can put your mitten flap on and take it off as many times as you need; you can flap and upflap for eternity!
     I love these gloves.  When I realized one was lost, I went into a tragic downward spiral.  I refused to go outside if it was under 35degrees.  I couldn't even think of using a different pair of gloves.  I would tell strangers of my lost glove woes.  "How are you?" they ask obligatorily.  "I'm pretty upset about losing my left glitten."  They didn't keep up the small talk.
     I've been thinking about these glittens all day.  Finally, I decided to put an end to the lamenting and actually find the closest EMS and find the gloves.  Phew--they're indeed still available at my local Eastern Mountain Sports, and they can even put them on hold for me.  I shall be reunited with my gloves soon.  

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