Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things Are Awesome

     I said this today: "Imagine it--'The Riley and Nancy show'!"  But I said it like Maya Rudolf impersonating Oprah.  And then I laughed and laughed while Riley nodded in agreement.
     Riley and I had gone to see The Chris Gethard Show, a public access show done by local comic hero Chris Gethard.  Once the show was over we moseyed over to the bar for the after party.  We weren't really part of the entourage of the show, but we made our own fun.  We ordered a few pitchers of alcoholic water and a plate of chicken fingers.  There were two folks named Random Andrew and Random Jean; during their conversation, we provided their voices from afar.
     The star of the show, the aforementioned Chris Gethard, had ordered a sandwich of some kind.  He was sitting a table away, but not paying any attention to us.  Eventually it became clear that he was done with his sandwich.  We made it our mission to acquisition his half-eaten sandwich and cold fries.  After a few random hoots and hollers, I decided the best course of action was a note.
     I wrote "Chris, Can I have your sandwich?  Yes  No" and I put check boxes next to the yes and the no.  You know, it was your standard check-yes-or-no note.  We passed it over, a la middle school, and waited.  A few minutes later, we were in possession of Chris's sandwich.  It was a damn great  moment.  About 45 seconds after that, someone at Chris's table ordered a plate of waffle plates.  Another 2 minutes after that, and Riley and I were enjoying that plate of waffle fries.
     Chris Gethard was super nice when he left and said we had first dibs on all his future left-overs.  Boom.  A successful Wednesday night out.  The Riley and Nancy show!
      Also, check out the real star, The Chris Gethard Show.  

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  1. I love this story and I now comprehend your text. I'm glad you weren't getting sandwiches from Chris Fetuses.