Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day

     You ever have one of those days?  Of course you have.  Everyone has had one of those days.  Today was a bit of one of those days for me.  Oh, what a day.
     I enjoy putting in a day of hard work, and I was able to at least do that. But it was one of those days in the way that of course you get a paper cut and then touch a lemon slice.  And of course things could have been worse--they can always be worse, right?--but that's not the point.  You're feeling just a little left of center and like you just can't catch a break.  If you need to train to be right on time, then of course some crazy person is going to get on followed by 6 police officers and cause a giant ruckus and delay the train.
     The cherry on top of the type of one of those days I was having was when I was walking down the street toward the subway.  A guy was trying to throw garbage away and apparently I was between him and the garbage can, so it hit me instead.  It's wasn't gross slimy garbage, and he apologized.  It was more shocking than anything else.  And then I started laughing because it was just so damn fitting.
     And then, because this is a thing that happens to me, I took off my shoes and socks when I got home and my toes were bloody.  That's just what one of my days happens to look like--crazy train guys, garbage throwing, and bloody toes.
You know, just one of those days.

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