Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Much Football

     The Rose Bowl was on yesterday.  As was the Fiesta Bowl, the Gator Bowl, and several others with names I don't remember.  I watched more college football yesterday than I probably ever have.  I couldn't look away and I don't know why.
     I usually don't watch games in which U-M isn't playing, but I got sucked in.  It was the Rose Bowl after all, a New Year's Day tradition.  And even though it was the 2nd, what are you going to do?  The damn Rose Bowl is on and there are chicken wings available--you damn better watch it.  And really, it was a very interesting game. It was fun to watch.
     Now tonight is the game I actually do want to watch:  The Sugar Bowl!  Go Blue!  Or, as we're saying for this game, Geaux Blue!  (Because they're playing in New Orleans.)  Football games aren't usually appointment viewing for me, except for Michigan games.  The game (game coverage) starts at 8pm.  That's also the same time that the new Switched at Birth comes on. Ah, decisions.  Do me a favor and don't tell me what happens on Switched; I'll have to catch up later on Hulu or something.  Tonight I'm going to watch some football!

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