Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holy Crap, It's December

     I'm not a person who normally comments on the passing of time.  I abhor conversations about Daylight Savings Time and those that being with "Where has the time gone?"  I know where the time went- it went to the past.  My surprise at the coming of December is less about acknowledging the passing of time, and more about acclimating to my current climate.
     I'm not sure if this weather is typical, but I feel as though any sort of normality as far as weather patterns are concerned have been tossed out the window ever since we started recognizing global warming.  I've lived in various parts of the United States, and usually have a pretty easy time acclimating to the region.  Yet this time around, it's thrown me for a loop.  I've even lived in this climate before, yet somehow it was easier to adjust to before.  Also, to be clear, I do understand the difference between weather and climate.  A decent part of my consternation comes from the unpredictability of the weather juxtaposed to the climate. 
     It's December, so it should probably be cold.  Except I live in that pesky subtropical-humid region, so perhaps it won't be cold.  However, it could be, because it just might; there's almost no way to tell.  There probably won't be snow, except there was tons of it last year.  So there could be a lot this year.  Maybe giant snow storms take a year off.  I have no idea. 
     I miss the predictability of the pre-global warming subarctic climate of my youth.  It was December, it was Michigan, it was cold.  To further prove my point, I just received an e-note from my mother stating that it was snowing and there were several traffic accidents.  She blamed it on being December 1st.
     I'm not sure what it is this time around that has got me all in a tizzy about the weather.  It was monsoon season this morning; something I am not used to.  The wind was haling and the rain was pouring down.  In my head I thought "wind, rain, December.  I better put on a hat."  That hat was not needed.  It was still about 65 degrees outside and I was quite overdressed.  A boring weather conversation with a coworker revealed the fact that it was predicted to be 28 degrees tonight.  Where the hell do I live?  Venus?
     And another thing about December- there should be more Christmas spirit.  Full disclosure: I don't actually celebrate Christmas, but I like that others do.  Other than the brief Christmas Music listening stint, I have very little spirit.  I think if it were colder, I would have more.  Even though I am fully aware of the calendar, it still feels too soon.  Maybe by December 6th I can catch some.   

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