Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Blank Page Is Intimidating

     Even in blogger, the blinking cursor and blank white space taunt me.  Often what works for me is to just get started, regardless of what it is.  Just get a few lines typed out, and when the page isn't blank, it isn't so scary anymore.  This is why I don't let people read my outlines, or worse yet, the journal entries that lead up to the idea for the outlines.  They are riddled with ridiculous non sequiturs, sentence fragments, and lists of foods I want to eat.
     And now that that's out of the way, I can talk about what I really wanted to talk about!  It's a little personal, and writing it out makes me feel a little vulnerable, but I'm going for it anyway.  I finished writing the first draft of my pilot.  I acknowledge it's only the first draft, and there is work still to be done, but writing "END OF SHOW" at the end felt good.  And then I drift off the place of fantasy and dreams and I think someday, and someday soon, this'll get picked up.  Why wouldn't it?  This script is meant to be realized on television, and I am meant to be its show runner.   There may be a few obstacles, but they are insignificant.   Most of them can be solved my moving.  I let myself steep in that fantasy land for a while because if I believe in it, it has a greater chance of coming true.
     Yesterday, my package from Amazon arrived- Parks and Recreation Season 2, Modern Family Season 1, 30 Rock Season 4, and the 30 Rock Soundtrack (Collector's Edition).  Happy Chanukah to me!   I tore open that box with the fervor of a five year old.  I read the 30 Rock Soundtrack liner notes book from cover to cover and immediately put it in my computer.  I watched the special features for both Modern Family and Parks&Rec, including the Season Three sneak peek.
I'm so excited for season three. I want a copy of the Ron Swanson Pyramid. I'll post it on my wall, and use to to become a perfect human.
      This actually took a little longer than I expected, but it was totally worth it. Laundry can always be put off another day.  I put on an episode of Arrested Development while getting ready for bed, and then to safely take me to dream land, I listened to, yes, the 30 Rock Soundtrack.
     I'm not necessarily a hard core dreamologist (I made that up, because I don't know what it would be called), but I do understand that dreams are formed from what is in one's subconscious.  Sometimes, the subconscious isn't as far down there as one might have thought.  I had the most wonderful dream where I met Tina Fey, somehow at her house, where she seemed to be expecting me to be there, yet I was not expecting her.  There was a multi-layered surprise that my friends (or apparently mutual friends?) had set up, and I ended up under dressed for attending the Oscars with Tina Fey, but we had become fast friends when I made her a cake.  I also tripped over her, but she was very gracious about it, assuming partial blame for being in the way, and asked to read my script.  About the time my head was going to explode in the dream, something woke me up.  I wanted so very badly to stay in that dream.  And again, I don't usually put a lot of credence in my dreams, but this one I want  to hold onto forever.  Maybe this time, this one means something.

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