Friday, December 3, 2010

I Like My Hat

    I have an awesome winter hat that I purchased a few years ago.  It's brown knit with fleece on the inside and ear flaps with braided *things* hanging down.  It is both cute and functional.  It was a little chilly this morning when I left the house, so I decided to wear my hat.  The risk of hat hair doesn't bother me.
     As I arrived to work, I was removing my hat and a coworker was standing outside the door, just about to go in.  The conversation went like this:
    Co Worker: You're wearing your swiss little girl hat?
    Me: I guess.  I like the ear flaps, they keep my ears warm.
    Co Worker: It's not even winter.

Since this was a walk and talk I kept going towards my desk as he peeled off to his.  I should mention he was actively laughing at the hat.   I reviewed the conversation in my head.  At what point did it being officially winter become a prerequisite for keeping ears warm?  Maybe I have a medical condition.  Also, I wasn't emphatic about my ears being cold.  However, I would rather just wear the hat and ensure they're warm than pretend to be a hero by not wearing a hat because it's not winter yet.   It's not a badge of honor to deal with unusually cold mornings by simply not accepting them. This speaks to Wednesday's post about my consternation over the weather.  It's all a guessing game, but I choose to guess on the side of just taking my hat places.  I'd rather look foolish for wearing a hat when it's not quite cold enough than looking like a fool for getting frostbite on my ears. 
   My hat is awesome.  I'm going to continue to wear it, whether or not it is in fact winter. 

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