Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Moral Compass

     I resent the fact that there is a collective moral compass.  Mostly because those who feel we have one are typically curmudgeonly old men who fear things that might be different.  I overheard someone yell today "we've lost our moral compass."  What he means is that he wants to fight tooth and nail to stay in the dark ages, where things didn't make him feel icky. 
     As proof, he came up with the world's weakest argument.  It was equivalent to a five year old screaming "I don't wanna."  Well, that's not good enough. 
     I think individuals have a moral compass.  I don't think there is a collective one.  The idea of the collective experience has been fading for quite some time now, especially within pop-culture. Perhaps it's a pretty fine line to connect pop-culture to more substantial things like a collective moral compass, but I actually don't think so.  I see it as being more cyclical, where real life influences pop-culture and then pop-culture influences real-life.  It's the whole art-imitates-life v life-imitates-art argument.  I take a firm stance in the middle of that debate.
     That's beside the point.  Truth is, I'm not really sure what the point is.  I just think there is an odd correlation between folks who squawk about our moral compass and how old they are.  I felt as though I was in a bit of an odd position, overhearing someone yell about a moral compass that is so completely different from mine.  I'm actually so mad about it, I could spit.  And that should explain the incomprehensibility of this post. 

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