Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A 30 Second Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

     A few days ago I ordered some DVDs (Spring Breakdown among them) from Amazon and they were scheduled to arrive today.  While at work, I kind of forgot, but then as I walked closer and closer to my house, I remembered, and I nearly ran home.  I didn't run, because of the snow and ice and because I don't like running if I'm not being chased.  But I was excited to get my movies.  As I approached my front door I experienced the wildest emotional roller coaster to be had in 30 seconds.
     I walked up to the door and I saw the yellow UPS sticker indicating they had been there.  I was sad as I wished they could just leave the packages.  I got really sad.
     Then I approached the door and read the sticker.  It read "In your absence your package was left under the mailbox."  I got really happy.
    Then I looked under the mailbox and nothing was there.  I got really sad.
    Then I peered through the door I was opening towards the lobby and saw the package.  A neighbor and brought it inside and left it on the steps.  I was really really happy.

     If I were graph my emotions as a function of time, it would look like this:

That is basically a roller coaster.  An emotional roller coaster. 

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