Friday, February 25, 2011

The Oscars

     My interest in the Oscars often wanes because my interest in film and other entertainment aligns with comedy, and the Academy rarely does. However, I have to admit, the closer the ceremony gets, the more excited I am.
     Predicting the winners rarely means a lot. I'm not good at it, so maybe that's why. I tend to lose interest in things I'm not good at. Filling out friendly ballots is find, but I'll never put money on it. I like to wait till just before it's announced and yell the name of my favorite at the TV. Sometimes I yell the name of the hosts or comedians who weren't nominated. That happens in categories where I haven't seen any of the nominees. So, the foreign ones.
     I'm looking forward to the show this year. I have a mini Oscar party planned- the party will be mini, the Oscars will be normal size. A lot of parties tend to be really fancy, with cover charges, red carpets, crab puffs, and champagne. For me, however, this is like the Super Bowl. My party involves chili, buffalo wings, and beer. It'll be the best party on the block. I am expecting one attendee.
     I predict James Franco will be adorable and Anne Hathaway will awkwardly walk the line between princess and harlot. I think "The King's Speech" will win most of the awards it's nominated for mainly because it's British. I have no idea who will win anything else. Trent Reznor maybe. That'd be cool.

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