Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice is Nice

     As news of the looming winter storms came in, and OPM warnings started trickling in my inbox, my hopes were reaching fever pitch.   Snow, ice, and sleet were all in the forecast, and it was made clear it was coming at a rate so fierce, we were not going to be able to handle it.  It would be safest for everyone to stay inside.   Chances were most people would be losing power, and subsequently their minds.
     I couldn't be more excited.  I had smartly gone grocery shopping the day before- early enough the panic hadn't set in, and I was sure to get foods in jars, and some booze.  Also rice.  Rice and wine can get you through any snow storm. 
     I was ready with a lot of movies to watch so that if I didn't lose my power, I'd have the day set. (The last three instances of district wide power outages, I was not affected.  Maybe my landlord has a generator.)  I also had a few books ready to read, and of course, my best pajama and blanket set.  Nothing like a good ice storm to catch up on zzz with a 10 hour nap.
     This went on for two days.  Two days worth of news warning of eminent doom- shards of ice falling from the sky, snow piling up as high as buildings, temperatures so low large bodies of water would freeze.  Stay inside!  Die peacefully in your home under blankets!  Don't risk the elements!
     I woke up to find none if it was true.  I peered out my window with the hopes of seeing everything covered in ice and snow, kind of like The Day After Tomorrow or the Fortress of Solitude.  I was so disappointed, kind of like when watching The Day After Tomorrow.  And what's worse, the high today is fifty-five degrees.  Come on weather, when you promise an ice storm, don't deliver a balmy spring day.  Get it straight.  You've taken away my dream of another snow day. 

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