Friday, February 18, 2011

Self Referential

     They say no man is an island, but we can sure as hell try, can't we?  I spend a lot of my time referring back to things I've said and done, expecting people to remember that I've said or done those things.  Most people don't, because a) that is super ego-maniacal of me, b) it wasn't that memorable, and c) they are purely focused on themselves.
     If you read ~M's blog every day, like I do, you saw her post about the Dead Island trailer.  Interest in this piqued because of twitter and however the twitter universe causes such things to trend.  Admittedly, I saw the words Dead Island over on the trending portion of twitter, but I didn't try to find out what it was because I usually understand so little of what's trending anyway.  Luckily, ~M filled me in.  She gave me a brief review before I watched it, summing it up as "cool, but also sad."
     Hours later, I was talking to Mary again, about a completely different topic.  It was sad, and I agreed; I stated it was "like Dead Island sad."  This amused me.  I want it to be something people say.  I like to qualify things in this manner, to put qualifiers in what should be a quantified scale- on a scale from 1 to Dead Island, how sad was it?  Dead Island sad.  (Regarding hunger: On a scale from 1 to Ravenous, I'm Guy Pearce.)
     Of course, this phrase will never take off.  Neither I or the Dead Island trailer have the type of following to make this a colloquialism.  I'll keep using it, however, and field the weird looks from friends and coworkers as I explain the origin of the whole thing.  Their eyes will surely glass over during the explanation, due to those three earlier mentioned reasons, but perhaps persistence will pay off.
     A few months ago, I wrote about the mysteries of my new climate- mid-way through that post I said "Where the hell do I live? Venus?"  This morning I was listening to the weather, and I heard the high for the day was going to be 73 degrees, followed by a mild weekend, and a wintry-mix on Tuesday.  I said, yet again, "where the hell do I live? Venus?" 
       Experts say that referring to things that happened earlier is somehow pleasing to the brain.  A concept that is known as a call-back, it's where we remember what is said earlier, and even if it wasn't really that funny, the fact that we're bringing it back up can make it funny, and bringing it back up a third time will make it hilarious.  Dead Island hilarious.  I crack myself up.

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