Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr. Sunshine: A Review.

     I liked it.  I went in with high expectations and slight predisposition to liking it, so maybe I'm not looking at it with enough of a critical eye.  But frankly my soul is growing weary from constant criticism of everything.  (Broad generalization?  Yes.  Accurate?  Also yes.)
     The review over on Pajiba tried to make the point that the characters were so underdeveloped the reviewer couldn't remember Andrea Ander's characters name with a gun to his head.  It's Alice, she's the marketing director, and she's been seeing Ben for 5 months.  And I watched it late at night, tired and drinking wine while eating Oreos.  I don't think it was the shows fault you don't remember the character's lives, reviewer.  I think they were developed just fine.  It is a pilot after all, and you have to leave room for development throughout the series. 
     Of course the title is ironic, but also, it's apropos.  I feel like everyone who brings up the title being ironic is missing the fact that his character is the Director of Operations for the Sunshine Center.  He runs the g-d Sunshine Center (maybe it's the Sunshine Arena); he's in charge of it.  If something happens at the Sunshine Center, he's running it- that makes him Mr. Sunshine.
     I really liked the juxtaposition of Ben's surely/sardonic attitude with the overly optimistic or drug-addled attitude of the other characters.  Just looking at Nate Torrence's face cracks me up.  And Allison Janney basically shits gold.  She's right about why clowns are scary- "Are they happy?  Are they sad?  And their pockets are too large," and the musical number was great.  I'm glad they paid off all the set up about the song with the actual song.
      In short, it was a comedy, and it made me laugh, so I think it's a winner.  I will watch it.   

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