Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Listening

     This listening assignment is harder than I thought it would be.  The first tough part is remembering to do it.  As I was hurrying around the house this morning trying to get ready for work, I heard the news report about the metro and something wonky going on.  And then I heard the word sex-calators.  The sex-calators were broken all throughout the Metro system.  This gave me pause and made me realize I was not actually listening to the news report.  Sex-calators aren't real things; if they were,  I have to believe that people would have serious issues with them. 
      First, I imagine a certain group of people protesting them when they were being installed.  There would be demonstrations about decency and family and other garbage like that.  Secondly, once they were installed, 1. of course they would break all the time, and 2. people would get really pissed when they broke.  And not just write a letter to Mr. Sarles pissed, but burn the whole system down kind of pissed.  Of course the destruction of the system would only further delay the repair of the sex-calators, angering them even more when they realized what they've done. 
     I spent a little bit of time imagining what a sex-calator would look like.  It's not pretty- mostly functional, because it still has to get you off out of the metro system.  Or in, I suppose- this description has nowhere to go but down.  (A potential slogan for the sex-calator!  Ride the sex-calator, when you have nowhere to go but down.
     So yeah, listening is important.  But sometimes, thinking about what you thought you heard is good too. 

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