Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Holidays and Me

     A few people said "Happy Valentine's Day" to me yesterday, and it was kind of them to do so, but mostly unnecessary.  My mom sent a short email to us kids; a lovely thought that spawned a hilarious email battle of the wits amongst us.  I read somewhere that a lot of folks were celebrating over the weekend, and I was glad for that, because it meant fewer people inquiring about my V-day plans.  Usually, when the question comes up, I just shrug and ensure I've even the impression of nonchalance.   I also say that holidays don't really mean that much to me.
     I actually believe that for a moment when I say it- holidays aren't important to me.  Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter.  Pfft.  I snub my nose in their general direction.  But then I start to think about all those other holidays, maybe the ones others aren't as impressed by, and how much I love those, and I realize how far off base I am with my own assessment of myself.
     Presidents' Day is coming up, and I am fully looking forward to it.  It's a federal holiday, so I get the day off of work.  And the banks are closed, and other federal agencies.  There might not be a lot of traditional celebrating, but it's great to have a day to slow down in the middle of February.  Plus, this year, I'm taking a weekend get away to Boston- a Presidents' Day Weekend Vacation!  I even made a play list for it, it's that important.
     In March, of course, there's St. Patrick's Day.  It's not a federal holiday, however, March 17th was a local holiday in Boston.  Schools were closed, there was no mail, and there were parades.  I don't actually like parades myself, but I can recognize their significance in commemorating an event- if there's a parade, it was important.  I like St. Patrick's Day for a lot of the same reasons some people hate it- the drunken debauchery.  We dress up in green and pretend to be Irish and perpetuate negative stereotypes.  Wooo!
     Memorial Day and Labor Day are great as the unofficial start and finish summer.  Most importantly, these are also federal holidays, which means three day weekends, weekend get-a-ways, and more play lists.  And of course there's the mother of all summer holidays- the Fourth of July.
     Man I love the Fourth of July.  I love celebrating my country.  There's usually bar-be-cue, and then there's the fireworks.  I love fireworks.  The one thing I'll fight crowds for is fireworks.  Fireworks!   
     Halloween is pretty cool.  I haven't done anything for Halloween the past few years, but I like it as a holiday.  I like the idea of it, and again, as much as I don't like parades, I'm glad there is a parade in NYC for Halloween.  It's a holiday that revolves mostly around candy and that's a cause I can really get behind.
     Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever.  Hands down, it's my favorite.  The food and the booze and more food, and friends, and booze.  It's the best.  For me, Thanksgiving lasts for four days.  I'm being lulled into a turkey coma just thinking about it.
     I also really like New Year's Eve, mostly for the fireworks and the champagne.  I don't get behind the idea of a fresh start so much,  but I do like to say "this is our year!" right after the ball drops.  And yes, I like to watch the ball drop.
     I suppose, to sum up, I'll take the holidays involving an inordinate amount of food (or candy), booze,  and fireworks.  To the rest, I say Good Day to You, Sir.

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