Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Short Month with a lot of Events

     Ah February.  Apparently because it has so few days, we feel obligated to honor it with observations and extra holidays.  There's Valentine's Day, which some say is real and celebrates the day Saint Valentine did something with snakes or whatnot, but I think it's fake.
     There's Groundhog Day.  He didn't see his shadow this year so that means Spring comes early, I think.  Also, it's a fine film.
     There is also Presidents Day, which is a national holiday, so I get a three day weekend.  Yay presidents!
     Also, the Super Bowl is in February.  It wasn't always in February, but it is now.  People more into sports than I am probably know why.  I probably won't be watching the game, but if I can find a place with cheap wings and beer, I may glance over at it and cheer for whoever is winning at the time. 
     According to Dunkin Donuts, February is National Chocolate Month.  This feels wrong, mostly because, according to the Library of Congress, it's National Black History Month.  I now think Dunkin Donuts is racist. 
     February is also $5 footlong month at Subway.  Mmmm.

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