Friday, April 22, 2011

East-what? Please Pass the Champagne.

     I've been trying to learn new words.  I miss the organic way I would stumble upon them in school, and it's been a bit of a struggle for me to really incorporate the words from my Vocabulary Builder into my everyday speech.  There are two words that were in yesterday's lesson that I'm hoping I'll be able to use very soon: bacchanalian and dionysian.  According to my Vocabulary Builder, the have the same meaning: frenzied or orgiastic.  (I would also like to start using the word orgiastic.)
     I have a pretty good weekend planned and I imagine being able to describe it in these terms.
Here's the itinerary for the weekend in New York City.  I think you'll find it's very bacchanalian.
One may want to point out that having an itinerary wouldn't be inherently bacchanalian, but to that I say nay.  You can plan for frenzied and orgiastic.  Having a plan keeps you from sitting inside all day staring at the walls and recreating the scene from the Jungle Book with the vultures.
We have two options: we can go shopping on 5th Ave and catch a show later.  Or we can follow this dionysian plan. 
See, it totally makes sense.
What's this blacked out part at the end of the schedule?
That's the orgiastic portion of the evening.
So you scheduled an orgy?
Yes.   But I didn't want to use the word in the definition of the word.
Realistically, the weekend won't be completely bacchanalian or dionysian.  I'm getting a little too old for that shit.  But hopefully the bacchanalian plan will produce a weekend that is quasi-orgiastic, thereby deaming it demi-dionysian.

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  1. We read The Bacchae when I was in undergrad and it was one of my favorites of the Greek plays because it was SO incredibly weird and trippy. And everything related to Bacchus and Dionysis sort of stuck in my brain. It comes in handy - mostly on Jeopardy. And True Blood.