Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

     The thing I most often get buyer's remorse over is food.  It's also a ridiculous thing to get buyer's remorse over because I'm going to be able to do it all again about four to five hours later.  I'm not good at ordering food- I am the opposite of Sally.  I spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over what to get and then when my plate arrives, I'll regret it.  I see what someone else has ordered and think I should have gotten that.  Why didn't I just get that?  Waaaaa.
     This happens a lot when trying new things.  I try to be adventurous, to branch out, but then I end up branching out a little too far and being envious of the chap next to me with the cheese covered burrito.  A wedge salad?  Really?  I guess I can say I've done it, that's something. 
     Sometimes I stick with my old standby because I'm confident I'll like it and I'll still end up regretting it.  Someone near me will have gotten the special and I'll immediately feel the pangs of regret.  Oh the specials.  They're special, so I should get them, just because they're special. 
     Friends have pointed this out to me and I think it annoys them.  Like clockwork when our food is put in front of us I'll stare at their plate and say "Mmm.  I should have ordered that."  Every time.  Now I even do it when we order the same thing to keep the joke *fresh* and *original*. 
     I've even done it at the grocery store.  I'll get home and put my food in the cupboard and just be disappointed in my choices.  Why did I buy sugar free oatmeal?  I regret this decision, but now I'm stuck with it.  Such a large ticket item and I'm stuck with it, at least until the next time I go to the store which will probably be tomorrow because I stand to eat sugar free oatmeal.  It's gross. 

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