Friday, April 1, 2011

I Didn't Write a Post Today

     April Fool's! 

   When I was a kid, I used April Fool's as the day to just tell a bunch of lies.  My mom would ask something pretty innocuous,  I would give some bullshit answer and then yell "April Fool's!"  I thought it was hilarious.  Since I was the youngest of three, I wasn't good at pulling pranks but I was often the target.  This wasn't necessarily exclusive to April 1st. 
    As Mary could tell you I like the pranks that come with April Fool's but I do not like to be scared.  I don't like it if you wait in the shower until I come in and then jump out at me yelling "boo!"  That will make me scream and punch and possibly wet myself.  And then I will become very angry.  That's not a good April Fool's.  However, maybe you replace my Cheerios with Legos so when I pour my cereal building blocks come out.  Haha!  Good times!  Hopefully my Cheerios still exist somewhere. 
     I also prefer nondestructive pranks, just because I like to be good natured about them.  One year in a class room environment I was working in, we replaced the coffee carafe and all coffee related objects with goldfish.  The first person in was supposed to made coffee, but they couldn't because there was a goldfish swimming in the bowl!  Really, it was just an inconvenience, but someone got a pet out of it.
   When we were brainstorming ideas someone suggested removing the inside of the door handles.  We figured that might be a fire hazard.  While in the Navy I was able to pull off the ol' cellophane over the glass trick.  In case you don't know, you pull cellophane really tightly over a glass and trim the edges.  Done correctly you can't see it's there so then when someone tries to pour something in the glass it goes all over.   We used the same principle on the XO's toilet.  He retaliated by covering ours in aluminum foil.  Good times.

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