Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Committing to the Moment

     I've been working on emotional commitment for a few weeks now.  It has proven to be more difficult that I thought it would.  I spend a lot of time in real life being very meh.
     My throat is a little scratchy today and my voice a bit hoarse because yesterday in improv class I spent 5 minutes just screaming at my scene partner.  It seemed to make sense- he didn't know how to make the god-damn bed.  Who doesn't know how to make the god-damn bed with hospital corners?  A fucking child could do it.  And don't get me started on vacuuming.  The lines need to be straight, like railroad tracks.
     The scene ended and people seemed interested in watching it; it felt real to them and the emotional commitment was there.  A classmate noted "anger seems to come really easily to you."  Anger indeed. 
     I woke up this morning and thought "wouldn't it be great if improv class were first thing in the morning?"  Or if I could even just start the day with an improv exercise.  Perhaps that would improve the day, my general outlook on life, and my willingness to commit to the moment.  At the end of the day I'm a little bit tired and committing to the moment feels like work.  And work elicits anger.  Hence, I play a lot of angry characters. 
     Also, as a side note, there is another Nancy within this specific improv community who is the most overenthusiastic person ever.  She enters rooms doing cheers.  Kudos for her, I suppose.  It was mentioned that my challenge should be to out-enthuse other Nancy.  This has no possibility of ever happening.  If I even attempted it people would think I had a lobotomy.  My general sentiment was that I'm pretty sure she is more enthusiastic about waking up in the morning than I would be about being on the moon.  And I think the moon is pretty awesome. 

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