Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parenthood: A Review.

Damn you, Parenthood, for making me feel.  It's a little late in the game to do a review, but I've just been thinking about it so much, I thought it was better late than never.
     Recently a friend of mine who typically doesn't watch television told me she started watching Parenthood.

Oh, I watch one show now.   Parenthood.  I watched about 15 hours of it this weekend.
So you basically just cried all day?
Man oh man, does that show get to me every single time.  It sucked me in the first season.  I was intrigued by its all star cast.  Then I got really into the characters and their lives.  What I love about it is how small and particular it is.  It really is about the drama that occurs in a family.  It explores every moment.  It has taken the time to really develop characters and relationships.  You really kind of want to be in that family even when maybe that family is a little bit fucked up.
     The show wasn't doing great in the ratings department initially, but it has since picked up.  Kudos to the rest of America (or at least those with Neilson boxes) for finally figuring out how great this show is.  Lauren Graham is fantastic and clearly underrated based on her lack of accolades.  She can take you through an entire roller coaster of emotion with just one look.  Also, I think someone just told Mae Whitman to follow Lauren Graham around for a while and try to mimic her mannerisms to really drive home that they're mother and daughter.  It's great.
     Oh Peter Krause.  Oh Dax Shepard and Erika Christensen.  Oh Craig T. Nelson.  Oh kids who aren't Mae Whitman.  Oh guy who plays Joel [Sam Jaeger] and woman who plays Camille [Bonnie Bedelia].  And lady who plays Kristina [Monica Potter].  Why do you make me feel?  (Yes, I should know their names [I looked those up].  I'll get to work on that right away.)  The show is sweet and clearly loves its characters.  Even when they're douchey, it loves them.  They're all complicated characters; there are no tropes.  Also, I would love to live in Crosby's houseboat. 
     Ten pm on a Tuesday is a little past my bedtime, but it's well worth the extra cup of coffee on Wednesday morning to spend the evening with the Bravermans.  If you're not already, watch this show.  If you already are: right?!

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