Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because Misery Loves Company

     It's the impetus behind complaining and the concept of "this is gross, smell it."  Misery loves company, that is why I am going to share my horrible oatmeal experience with you. 
     A few days ago I discussed how much I regretted buying sugar free oatmeal.  It is, indeed, gross.  I didn't want to be wasteful though so I started just mixing in a packet of regular sugar with it.  This made it palatable.   Last Wednesday or Thursday sometime I bought a small container of milk (a quart I think) so that I could enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast.   It happened to be whole milk.  This isn't my milk of choice, but I was purchasing milk at CVS and their selection was lacking and I didn't have the time or desire to huff it over to the grocery store an entire Metro stop over. 
      It was a little later than I normally eat, but the hunger pangs were kicking in so I decided to bust out the oatmeal.  I grabbed the packet of instant oatmeal and my microwave pyrex container I use for breakfast every day.  Considering myself to be quite genius for this, I put the oatmeal in and mix in a packet of regular Dominos sugar.  Then I add a little bit of water and  decide mixing in some whole milk would make it great.  I open the fridge, grab the milk, uncap it, and pour.  Glump.  Glump.  Oh god.  I stop pouring and look in the milk container and it was basically a gel now.  The expiration date is April 25th and apparently that is a hard-fucking-expiration date.   I scrape the milk curds out of the top of the oatmeal, not sure I got it all, and then add more water.  Too much water.
     Sixty seconds later the mixture in the microwave had slightly congealed, but it was clearly too liquidy.   Luckily, I thought, I had another packet of oatmeal in my drawer.  I slowly mixed it in and eventually added the whole packet to get it to the correct thick consistency I like my oatmeal to be.  Too much oatmeal.  It looked like this:
The oatmeal was so thick, the spoon could stand straight up.  I took a few bites and was overcome with the fact that 1. I did not add more sugar when I added more oatmeal and 2. the taste of sour milk is very overpowering.  Also, the whole thing smells bad.
      I'm really looking forward to lunch.  I'm sure nothing can go wrong with left over rice and salmon.

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