Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Hint of Summer

     Yesterday in the district it was 83 degrees.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I had stopped to buy shoes on my way home and had to ditch my hoodie while in the store.  I was tempted to wear the new shoes home, but the salesman cautioned against it because if I wore them outside, I couldn't return them. 
     When I got home I immediately took off my stuffy work clothes and put on my weekender gear, including flip flops.  If there were ever a time to wear flip flops, now was it.  I cinched up the trash bag and went outside.  It was glorious.  I plopped the trash bag into the trash can and then just stood on the stoop for a while.  I partly wanted to go for a walk but I hadn't grabbed my keys to take the trash out so there would be extra steps.  Neighbors a few doors down had taken full advantage and had dinner and martinis on their little patio area.  A man walked by and handed me a take out menu.
     I went back inside and it was refreshing.  I had been outside just long enough to get warm and the house was still full of cool air.  It would have been the perfect day to open the windows except I still have plastic on the windows and because of all the work I did putting it up, I wasn't ready to give in and rip it down yet.  Plus, maybe it'll keep the cool air in during the summer.  Or create a greenhouse effect.  I want to wait and find out. 
     Since I had just purchased new shoes I made the sound financial decision to stay in for dinner.  I was a little bit jealous of the neighbors with the tiny patio area but I wasn't willing to try to eat my chicken and rice outside.  I just kept going in and out about every 20 minutes.  I'd stand on the stoop until someone walked by and then I'd walk back in.  I'd acclimate to the temperature inside, put a food item in the oven or on the stove, and then head back to the stoop. 
     I was embracing the oddly nice day but not quite participating in it.  I kept my flip flops on to help drive it home.  After the sun went down I stayed indoors.  All night the news reports said "It was unusually warm today, but don't get used to it."  Ok weatherman, I won't get used to unusual weather.  Whatever.  It's kind of obvious that it's not going to keep being 83 degrees, but they have to set it up somehow.
     This morning when I woke up it was 42, it was raining a whole bunch, a lot of people were without power, and the low tomorrow is 31.  I'm glad I wore my flip flops while I could.

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