Friday, August 12, 2011

The Del Close Marathon isn't about running

     I'm heading up to NYC this weekend for the Del Close Marathon.  It's my first year and I'm really excited to be going.  I won't be participating, but experiencing it is enough for me, this time around.  Someone described it as the Bonnaroo for improv.  Bonnaroo!  We all know how much fun Bonnaroo was.  And the DCM is all indoors.  And it doesn't involve sleeping on the ground. 
      A few groups from DC I know will be there, and at least one group I know from Boston will be there, and I'm familiar with one or two groups from NY.  I've become an improv junkie and I'm ok with that. 
     The use the term marathon the same way I use the term marathon, not in the way people who run 26.2 miles use the term marathon.  It's just a lot of improv, nonstop.  One show after another after another.  There's more than you could possibly ever see.  Even if you wanted to, you couldn't see it all because it's spread out over three (four including the stage you pay extra for) theaters. And now-a-days, there's no good reason to stay up for 48 hours straight.  It won't all be good, but that's part of the joy. 
     People who are in the improv community are very familiar with the Del Close Marathon.  People who are not in it have never ever heard of it.  It's a pretty sharp dividing line.  A couple friends were taken aback when I just said "I'm going to the Del Close Marathon."  "Why?" then would start to ask as I said "it's an improv marathon."  "Oh, that makes more sense.  I couldn't figure out why you would run a marathon."  They're right.  I wouldn't.  Watch something for hours and hours on end?  Yes, that I'll do. 
     I packed my suitcase (backpack), I printed my bus ticket, and I'm counting down the minutes until my bus leaves.  At the urging of a few friends (esp Mary), I rented a hotel room.  Mary was actually pretty insistent; I debated on how she'd feel about me sharing this conversation, but it's too good not to share:
 me: should i try to just stay up all night friday to save $200?
 Mary: no
  you'll end up getting murdered in washington square park
 me: honestly, i expected you to say yes
 Mary: because that's where they'll drag you
 me: i won't get murdered
 i'd probably just fall asleep in the theater
 Mary: And then a murderer will walk in, clock you over the head, carry you to WSP, and murder you.
  I've seen it a hundred times.
me: Wow. that's a lot of work for one little murder
  perhaps he'd rape me first...or after
 Mary: well, WSP is a no rape zone so it'd have to be before.
 me: oh good.
  no, wait
  i'd prefer after, if i could choose
 Mary: right, well you can't.
  so you should get a hotel

     It made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.  Also, as a side note, when I searched for the conversation, I searched for "murdered" and 17 conversations came up.  Sure, of course.  Why wouldn't there be 17 conversations where I talk about being murdered.  I feel like I'm giving away industry secrets here!  

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