Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When I Wear White: A List.

     I don't think a lot about what I'm going to wear.  I have just a few pairs of pants and a few blouses, and most of them match so if I had to, I could get dressed in the dark and it wouldn't be terrible.  The most thinking I do about my clothing is when plotting out the day and if I'm going to need to change for some reason.  I would often change between work and improv, just to be more comfortable on 105 degree days.  What I don't think about is what I'm eating that day and if it'll match what I wear. 
     A friend of mine actually has a spaghetti shirt.  It's red and it's for when she eats spaghetti.  Apparently I need a chili shirt, and I need to wear it every day.  A coffee shirt would also come in handy.
     Inexplicable things happen to me when I wear my white shirt(s).
  • I flip my spoon and spray chili all over
  • I drop my mascara applicator
  • I wear a fuzzy black sweater for 5 minutes when I'm cold
  • I stop short infront of someone carrying coffee
  • I drool a little bit while eating chocolate
By inexplicable things happen to me, I mean that I cause disastrous things to happen to my white shirts. 

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