Monday, August 15, 2011

I survived my first Del Close Marathon

     I wasn't actually concerned about not surviving it.  But still, I survived!  It was such great fun! I had some separation anxiety from my UCB wristband when I had to cut it off this morning.  One of my favorite moments, a moment I really felt proud of, was Sunday night at the Asssscat 3000 show.  I was sitting in the back row of the auditorium with a group of people all from WIT in DC- I was on the end.  At intermission, one of the girls in the middle got my attention so we could start the wave.  Sure, why not?  We decided it would better to try to start a "downward wave" where we started at the back of the auditorium and went to the front.  So I attempted to start it, yelling "1, 2, 3" as loudly as I could and standing up in wave fashion.  We repeated it several times, hoping people would catch on.
     Then we chanted "downward wave, downward wave" a few times and started it again.  It didn't completely catch on, but enough people got the idea and it did make it down to the front.  The crew people at the front of the auditorium even finished it off.  It was lovely.
     In the middle of the second half of the show, Matt Bessar asked what the chant was during intermission.  We yelled it out.  "Wait, what?"  We said it again.  "What's a downward wave?"  That was my cue.  "1, 2, 3 ... woooo" and we did the most half-assed downward wave you've seen.  It was glorious.  He hung his head a bit.  "Wow.  That was, uh, I've never seen that before."  He turned to the rest of the Asssscat cast and they confirmed that they also had never seen that before.  Still, he seemed into it.
     It was like we got a giant high-five in the middle of the Asssscat 3000 show.  It was awesome.  My mother would be proud.

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