Monday, August 1, 2011

I Did It All

     A review of my weekend: pretty damn satisfying, even the parts that were boring.  I managed to get in all the things I wanted to do, from the movie marathon I was talking about on Friday, to working on those pesky ambitions.  I even did some laundry. 
     I skipped the gym on Friday, because seriously, I was never really about to go to the gym.  Instead,  I went to see Winnie the Pooh.  It was almost ruined by a group of teenagers who thought they were in their living room.  Luckily, the adorableness of it was still able to shine through.  It's just an overwhelmingly cute, simple, and sweet story.  I was especially pleased to see Eeyore be as depressed as I knew him to be when I was a child.  In recent years, there were talks of making him a little less sad, less gloomy, and possibly writing the character out all together.  This would be no good.  Eeyore is essential, and his gloominess adds something to the Hundred Acre Woods that would otherwise be lost if he were replaced with a wise cracking marsupial.  He's funnier when he's depressed.  "We're all going to die."  So true, Eeyore.  And I really liked the moment when <<SPOILER ALERT>> they find his tail.  They ask him if he's happy; he says "No.  But this is a nice tail."  It's a good flick.  I recommend it. 
     After Winnie the Pooh, I went home, did some laundry, made popcorn for dinner, and watched some TV on DVD.  I'm in the middle of Season 3 of Mad About You.  Yes, I did watch it when it originally aired.  But it's still good.  One of my favorite pieces of dialogue from this season:
     Paul: You know what I think?
     Jamie: No.
     Paul: No you don't know, or no you don't care?
     Jamie: Just, what?
For some reason, that just cracks me up.  I remember reading about the show when it was first on in the 90s.  Paul Reiser, who created it, kept saying it was about the more behind the scenes aspects of a married couple than we had seen before.  I didn't really understand that at the time, but now I do.  And I think it's accurate.  It's still a funny show.
     Then, Childrens' Hospital.  Each episode is only about 15 minutes long; it originally aired as a web series.  Clearly, Rob Corrdry has a lot of friends, because everyone was in this.  It's hilarious and absurd.  It's hilarious because it's absurd.  Knowing medical show cliches definitely helps in really understanding the humor.  It was shot in the same hospital Scrubs was shot in, which was mildly distracting for me, but in the end I felt vindicated when they finally yelled "the elevators haven't been working since they shot Scrubs here."  Also, if you're genuinely afraid of clowns and people in clown makeup, you probably shouldn't watch.   
     I finished watching Childrens' Hospital Saturday morning.  Then I made a bacon omelet, which was awesome, and headed off to the multiplex for a movie marathon.  The Metro screwed me, as it is wont to do, and I missed the beginning of Crazy Stupid Love.  I was irritated, but I was able to fill in the pieces.  I actually really enjoyed the film.  I was actually glad I watched it alone, because then I didn't have to explain to anybody why I was crying like a big dumb baby.  I was also laughing and then also saying "fuuuccccckkkk" every time Ryan Gosling was on the screen, just like everyone else in the theater. 
     Then it was on to Friends with Benefits, another movie I was going to have to see alone because nobody else would see it with me.  I understand why, but I was still intrigued.  And I like to watch things that claim to be comedies.  I laughed.  I even cried some more.  (That may just be me, and not necessarily indicative of the movie.)  Shut up, it's my weekend and I can do what I want.
      Which leads me to my next abomination: The Smurfs.  I have no excuse for this.  It was morbid curiosity.  I expected it to be terrible, and it was.  I should have watched Winnie the Pooh again. 
     Once home, I watched an episode of Louie and Melissa & Joey.  I drifted off to The Mountain Goats on Spotify.  I slept right through my grocery store wake-up time, but I didn't mind at all.  I turned on Hulu and watched the end of season 1 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  After the "Do you need a break?  You've been watching for three hours" warning popped up, I packed up my things and went to Starbucks for several hours.
     My mother called while I was there and I answered it.  I talked to her for a while; I consider that my good deed for the day.  Also, every once in a while, she surprises me.  I guess in the way family can do sometimes.  Just when you think it's all a lost cause, they come back and surprise you.
     I actually wrote for several hours, working on those pesky ambitions I was talking about before.  I also overheard this:
 "Do you ever watch 'How I Met Your Mother'?"
 "Oh my god! I *literally* identify with Robin!" 
What?  I had to write it down.  That's ridiculous.
     After three hours at Starbucks and half an outline, I moseyed over to Krame books.  I picked up three new books (Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, The Wild Things, and Imperial Bedrooms), then headed home.  I plowed through the first 100 pages of The Wild Things, the novelization of the film Where the Wild Things Are, by Dave Eggers.  Then I finished off the night with a little more Mary Tyler Moore, where a burning question was finally answered: the theme song does change after season one.  She doesn't turn the world on with her smile until season two.  And in season one, she "might just make it, after all."  In season two (and presumably after) she's "gonna make it, after all."  That sounds much more hopeful.
     Then I had that dream where I'm standing on a grave made of brick, trying to identify the corpses in the open graves surrounding me, hoping they don't reanimate.  Ah, Monday morning.    

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