Monday, August 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

     Spring Cleaning in August is akin to Christmas in July.  Except that it has nothing to do with  a holiday and isn't 6 months off-set.  It's actually nothing like it.  But I didn't do any spring cleaning in the spring time, but what I'm trying to do now is like what spring cleaning is.  One more exception, however, is I need to spring clean my hard drive. 
     I started going into the details off all the files I have clogging up my hard drive and why they were there and how I let it get this bad, but that was terribly boring.  The point is, I have a lot of files that I just don't need anymore.  But I can't just select all and delete- that could cause major problems.  I have to look at each file to determine its value and relevance and then only delete the ones that are valueless. 
     Yes, I do have an external hard drive.  It also needs to be cleaned out.  I have a 1TB hard drive and I carelessly put tons-o-shit on it.  I thought "A whole terabyte!  This will take forever to fill up."  That is not true.  It is nearly full.  It's about the percentage capacity most computer experts recommend for good performance.  Oops. 
     I do also have regular type spring cleaning to do, though I'm more comfortable with selecting it all and deleting it.  If I open a drawer and don't recognize anything in it, it can all go in the trash.  This of course only applies to small things, like mail and broken pens.  As I've discussed before, with the big items, getting rid of them is harder than it sounds.  Sometimes, I think a fire pit would be useful.   

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