Friday, August 5, 2011

Ideas That Didn't Pan Out: A List.

     I don't always have a full well of ideas in which to choose from to make my blog topic.  Often, as I've mentioned before, I just ask Mary to yell things out.  She does, and then I end up talking about things that might seem disconnected if you didn't know that was happening.  Things like awesome things that are awesome, coffee, bagels, and breakfast in general, pulp or no pulp, onions, the morning, forty dollars, and fuel, and the email she received yesterday.
     I also sometimes try to come up with my own ideas, but these don't always pan out.  Some are too personal, some too damn depressing, some too underdeveloped, and some there just isn't enough to say about.  Things like:

  • Reasons [I think] I'm a Bad Person: A list
  • How the President visiting the Navy Yard affects me (it doesn't)
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show: A Review
  • Funny things that happened at dinner last night
  • Why I can't sleep
  • Why, once I'm asleep, I can't wake up
  • My inconclusive feelings about Frightened Rabbit
  • Low self-esteem and self-preservation
  • A Happy Birthday tribute to Mary
  • What really keeps me up at night
  • My secret plans for the future
  • How I keep screwing up
  • What I mean when I say "The one time I ..."
  • My list of sketch ideas, including "two cats walk into a bar," suggested by Mary
  • How maybe I shouldn't rely so much on Mary's suggestions
  • How I'm really glad Mary makes suggestions when I ask her to
  • The douchehats who insulted the book I'm reading
  • My improv team, "We met in 1B."

A few of those I came up with while writing the list and may not have been actual contenders for blog topics.  Oliver is a decently unfocused place, and some would say that is analogous to its author.  To those I say "Hrumph.  Go fuck yourself and leave me the hell alone."  Oliver's focus is whatever is in my view-field at that moment.  It's about what I have to say.  Often, it's about what I have to say about a topic Mary suggests.  This might just be as much hers as it is mine.  Because clearly onions and orange juice are more fruitful topics than anything in that damn list. 

Also:  Happy Birthday Mary.  Sorry I'm missing your movie fest; they all die in the end. 

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